Geoffrey Grosenbach

Seeking Management Role in Software Engineering

+1 (206) 276-5474 Seattle, WA USA LinkedIn · Blog · Twitter · GitHub

Resourceful full stack web developer and team manager with a strong understanding of business value. 15+ years building and shipping profitable products from concept to launch.


VP of Innovation, Pluralsight Technical Video Training 2013-17

Strategic Planning

Engineering Team Management

Some technical problems that persisted for months or years were solved by Geoffrey often within a day or days. He also didn't shy away from the more intractable problems and worked with the relevant teams to put everyone on the path to success. Tod Gentille Director of Developer Curriculum, Pluralsight

I enjoyed working with Geoffrey, particularly his ability to push everyone around him to do better, consider different ideas, and collaborate more. Eric Stone Data Scientist, Pluralsight

Founder & CTO, PeepCode Open Source Video Training 2006-13

Software Engineering & Architecture

Engineering Team Management

Tim O'Reilly

[Geoffrey's products] are awesome! Tim O'Reilly O'Reilly Media

David Heinemeier Hansson

Geoffrey Grosenbach has been one of the most enthusiastic members of the [Open Source] Rails community for a long time. Between running the Rails Podcast and releasing great plugins like Gruff, Sparklines, and CSS Graphs, he’s been a big-time and valuable contributor. David Heinemeier Hansson Creator of Ruby on Rails

Additional Experience

Host, official Ruby on Rails Podcast 2005-2010, Lead Developer, PNN 2005-06, IT Coordinator, Morrison Academy Taiwan 2003-05, Lead Developer for Data Warehousing & Reporting, eAcceleration 2002, Web Developer, Project Guides 1999-2001, Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy 2000.

Co-author of Deploying Rails Applications 2008 Pragmatic Programmers Press.

Authored 50+ video titles at PeepCode 2006-2013 Instrumental in improving the careers of tens of thousands of developers learning full stack web development, deployment, best practices, UX, tools, and more.

20+ conference presentations Keynote @ EuRuKo, Speaker @ RubyConf Australia, Cascadia JS, Úll (iOS), La Conf Paris, Railsberry Krakow, RailsConf, Schnitzelconf Vienna, Frozen Rails Helsinki, RubyConf Taiwan

Technical Skills Including but not limited to Agile, full-stack web, JavaScript (Node, React), Ruby on Rails, test-driven development, HTML/CSS, SQL, iOS, Java, devops + automated deployment (Capistrano, Chef), cloud/containers/virtual machines, Git, Tableau, Excel, Adobe Creative Suite.