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Geoffrey Grosenbach

Entrepreneur, developer, designer, teacher, athlete

Currently Director of Training Programs at HashiCorp

Seattle, WA USA
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Tom Preston-Werner

[Geoffrey] is the best at what he does. Tom Preston-Werner GitHub Co-Founder

Tim O'Reilly

[Geoffrey's products] are awesome! Tim O'Reilly O'Reilly Media

David Heinemeier Hansson

Geoffrey Grosenbach has been one of the most enthusiastic members of the [Open Source] Rails community for a long time. Between running the Rails Podcast and releasing great plugins like Gruff, Sparklines, and CSS Graphs, he’s been a big-time and valuable contributor. David Heinemeier Hansson Creator of Ruby on Rails

I must say it is rare that I see programming languages explained through simplicity. [You] explained everything concisely and accurately, well done. Des Traynor Intercom Co-Founder

Geoffrey had a huge impact [at Pluralsight]. Julie Lerman Microsoft MVP, Entity Framework

I enjoyed working with Geoffrey, particularly his ability to push everyone around him to do better, consider different ideas, and collaborate more. Eric Stone Data Scientist, Pluralsight

The projects I worked on with Geoffrey were a labor of love for the both of us. We were creating value to the company but it was the shared passion that made the projects deeply meaningful for me. I trust Geoffrey and I know he will always speak the truth. He also expects those two things from me in return. Lisa Szpunar Senior Editor, Pluralsight

Some technical problems that persisted for months or years were solved by Geoffrey often within a day or days. He also didn't shy away from the more intractable problems and worked with the relevant teams to put everyone on the path to success. Tod Gentille Director of Developer Curriculum, Pluralsight

I've learned at lot from working with Geoffrey. He's brilliant, resourceful, and tenacious. Jim Christopher Director of Developer Curriculum, Pluralsight